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Landgoed de Wilmersberg
Rhododendronlaan 7 (Navigation: Kruisseltlaan)
7587NL De Lutte
Opening hours restaurant - Currently closed
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Monday - Friday 07:00 am - 10.00 am
Saturday - Sunday 08:00 am - 11:00 am
Daily From 10:30 am
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Daily 06:00 pm - 09:00 pm
Currently closed until March 7
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Hiking and cycling

Discover the beautiful surroundings

Do you fancy a brisk morning walk or do you prefer to go cycling? Twente has something for everyone. Starting from De Wilmersberg, several hiking and cycling trails lead you straight into the forest. Reception can also provide some running trails. Nature’s versatility is amazing. And golfers can also enjoy themselves here. No less than four 18 holes golf courses are just a stone’s throw away. On our estate, we have two tennis courts.

NRC Winter walk

The NRC Winter walk 2018 ran along De Wilmersberg. But you can walk this beautiful 13.8 km route in any season! Drawing: Tjarko van der Pol

Nrc Winterwandeling Tjarko Van Der Pol

The scenery around De Wilmersberg

The gently rolling estate De Wilmersberg lies on the flank of Oldenzaal’s lateral moraine, between De Lutte and Oldenzaal. Landschap Overijsel reinstated the design of the estate in 2005 to reflect the ideas of Amsterdam-based garden and landscape architect Copijn. In the immediate surroundings of the hotel, the original lines of sight can be found in the rolling landscape. A lot of extraordinary varieties of trees are scattered across the estate, many of which are non-native. Many trees have been named and provided with a sign stating its Dutch and Latin name. Walking along the paths, you will pass meadows with flowery hayfields and drinking pools for cattle. Meandering streams and canals provide surprising views and spots to enjoy a moment of silence. The versatile estate is a true paradise for many plants and animals. And for you as a visitor, it is a unique part of Twente you can enjoy in peace and quiet.

(The owner of) Landgoed De Wilmersberg has been supporting the work of Landschap Overijssel as a ‘Friend’ for years. By doing so, De Wilmersberg contributes to nature & landscape in Overijssel. Landschap Overijssel designed and implemented Landgoed De Wilmersberg’s restoration plan. Regular management is also carried out by the foundation. Want to know more? Visit

De Lutte, Oldenzaal and Denekamp

44.39 kilometres, cycling route 126051

National Park North East Twente is one of the twenty National Landscapes.

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Fietsen Groep

Around Oldenzaal

45.92 kilometres, cycling route 126047

A park-like landscape adorned with trees and well-paved paths, where hills add an extra dimension to the scenery.

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Wandel Fiets Pechelmussbasiliek

RouTextiel through Oldenzaal, Beuningen and De Lutte

37.77 kilometres, cycling route 188190

This cycling route takes you through Oldenzaal and De Lutte, places that benefited greatly from the Industrial Revolution.

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