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Landgoed de Wilmersberg
Rhododendronlaan 7 (Navigation: Kruisseltlaan)
7587NL De Lutte
Opening hours restaurant - Currently closed
Breakfast (also for non-hotel guests)
Monday - Friday 07:00 am - 10.00 am
Saturday - Sunday 08:00 am - 11:00 am
Daily From 10:30 am
Daily 12:00 pm - 06:00 pm
Daily 06:00 pm - 09:00 pm
Currently closed until March 7
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Zonder Kirsten
Zonder Kirsten

Family Fransen

Ferdinand Fransen

The owner of Landgoed De Wilmersberg is Ferdinand Fransen. He was born in 1928, in a poor family. When he was still in puberty he lost his father. During the war the Fransen family went through a difficult time, often there was too little to eat. The young Ferdinand found it terrible to knock on the door of his family for food. It was even more difficult for him to be thankful for that. He imagined that he never wanted to go through that again and that his children would get better.

Ferdinand Fransen

In 1944 Ferdinand Fransen started as the youngest employee at the then Arke en Ten Barge, a bus company named after the owners. In 1957 he acquired shares together with his partner and best friend Henny Agterhuis and in 1967 they took over Arke together. At the end of the sixties, the Ferdinand were among the first to have the vision that air travel was the future of the travel industry and he took the risk to offer air travel. That was a good decision and the company grew rapidly. In the early 80's, crisis, Arke had a hard time and the Ferdinand were forced to lay off a number of people. People like him, he had a lot of trouble with that. However, it did lead to Arke growing into a large travel company with holiday trips, travel agencies, business trips, inbound tourism and the coach company.

Ferdinand had three daughters, Monique, Ellen and Barbara. All three of them worked in the company Arke and contributed to its success. However, none of the daughters had the intention to take over the company completely and so in 1989 and 1995 the company was sold in 2 tranches to the German TUI. In 2015, the brand name Arke disappeared and all products were given the name TUI.

The other hotels

Barbacan on Gran Canaria

Fransen has several hotels in his portfolio, he loves people and loves to give people an enjoyable and inspiring time first through his holiday trips and later with his hotels. His first hotel was built by Fransen on Gran Canaria at the end of the seventies. He could not contract the right beds at the right price, so he decided to build his own holiday complex. In 1980 he opened apartments and bungalows Barbacan on Gran Canaria.

Sb 206 Pool 1024

Meliá Sancti Petri


At the end of the 1990s, Fransen built a 5-star, Moorish-style de-luxury hotel in Novo Sancti Petri on the Costa de la Luz in Spain, right on the dunes and by the sea, Gran Meliã Sancti Petri. Partly due to the cooperation with the Meliã-organisation led by his friend, Gabriel Escarrer, this became a success from the beginning and King Juan Carlos came to have a look in the first year.

02Meliasanctipetri Pool

't Kruisselt

De Lutte

In 2016 hotel 't Kruisselt, at the beginning of the Kruisseltlaan in De Lutte, was taken over. Just like De Wilmersberg, this was a country house of a textile family from Twente, the Palthe van Wulften family.

Golfen Kruisselt
K4 I1107

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